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Our facilities are costly to build and maintain and are dedicated to specific purposes. The golf course’s primary purpose is to allow our members to play golf, and it is maintained accordingly. The use of the golf course for walking, jogging, bike riding, skateboarding, and other non-golfing activities is incompatible with this primary purpose, not only because it interferes with golf but because it creates an unnecessary risk of injury. Any person who is not a LCCC member or guest of the club is not permitted to use the golf course for any purpose at any time. No wheeled items (e.g., bicycles, skates, skateboards, scooters, etc.) are ever permitted on the golf course, with the sole exception of golf carts.

Golf Cart Policy. It is Club policy to permit the membership and their guests the privilege of operating golf carts as provided by the Club during the play of a round of golf and to transport themselves and their equipment to and from the practice range.

  1. Members are strictly responsible for their guests and their own safe operation of the golf carts so as not to interfere with fellow players’ enjoyment of the game, and at all times guarding against injury to persons or damage to property, especially the playing surfaces of the golf course.
  2. Golf carts shall not be rented to nor operated by individuals under sixteen (16) years of age. The golf cart operator must hold a valid driver’s license.
  3. All golf carts are restricted to paths on all Par 3’s (3, 6, 14, and 16) and additionally numbers 7 & 8 at all times. During periods of inclement weather, the Golf Course Superintendent (or in the Golf Course Superintendent’s absence, the Golf Professional) shall determine whether to restrict golf cart operation to the cart path entirely. The decision is based on potential injury to the players or turf conditions. If the golf carts are restricted to the paths, the signs at the No. 1 tee will so indicate.
  4. The Golf Professional is responsible for assigning golf carts and recording or collecting golf cart rental fees.
  5. All Members and theirs guests are required to obey all golf cart signs on the course and displayed in the golf cart itself. The Club reserves the right to refuse or cancel use of a golf cart without refunding any fees to any person not following golf cart rules or policies established by the Club.
  6. Extreme caution in the operation of golf carts must be exercised at all times. The Club assumes no responsibility for accidents or damage caused by golf carts. Reckless driving or violation of golf course or golf cart rules may result in forfeiture or suspension of the privilege of golf cart usage and the privilege of playing golf on the course itself.
  7. No more than two (2) players and two (2) golf bags per cart are allowed without prior approval of the Golf Professional.
  8. Golf carts shall not be driven within the designated restricted area of the aprons of greens and shall not be driven through muddy or standing water areas.
  9. Enforcement of the golf cart rules shall be the responsibility of all Members, the Golf Professional, and the Golf Professional’s staff. Violations shall be reported to the Golf Professional’s staff, which in turn will report all violations to the Greens Committee. The Greens Committee shall recommend to the Board appropriate action and possible fines. Both the driver and the passenger, if they are Members, may be sanctioned for violations.

Privately Owned Golf Carts. Privately owned golf carts are permitted with restrictions as written in the private cart agreement. All vehicles privately owned must be registered through the golf shop and pay applicable golf or non-golf trail fees to drive cart on Club property. All above golf cart policies apply to privately owned golf carts.

Dress Code. All persons using the golf course, practice tee, putting green, and other practice areas must wear shirts with sleeves and collar. It is a dress code violation for men ten (10) years or older to be in these areas in collarless or sleeveless shirts. Ladies may wear collarless shirts with sleeves as long as they are conservatively tailored and sleeveless shirts as long as they have collars. T-shirts, shirts without sleeves, and tank tops are not permitted, nor are blue jeans, dungarees, cutoffs, swim wear, or football jerseys.

  1. For both men and women, walking shorts should be of conservative tailoring. Walking shorts with a seven (7) inch inseam and sixteen (16) inch out seam are proper, or preferably not more than three (3) inches above the knee.
  2. Women may wear slacks at any time. Skirts are expected to be no higher than four (4) inches above the top of the knee.
  3. For junior boys under age ten (10), running shorts, basketball shorts, cutoffs, swimming trunks, or shorts without pockets are unacceptable.
  4. For ladies and junior girls, cutoffs, string or halter-tops, and tennis or swimming attire are not acceptable.
  5. No one is allowed to be on any greens, including practice greens, except in approved golf shoes.
  6. Club management will deny golf course privileges to any individual whose attire is not considered appropriate. Appropriate attire is available in the golf shop. Members are encouraged to patronize the golf shop.
  7. Members are responsible for acquainting their guests, including children, with these dress rules.

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